entry area

From the first moment on, you should feel "i feel good". So we always look to our beautiful decoration at the entry. From fresh wonderful spring flowers to plants from the autumn, you will be greeted at our entry from the nature.

our garden

From the first sunbeams in the morning above the gernkogel to the romantic sunset behind the schneeberg you will experience in our garden the advantages of our home place.

Frame your day in our large garden with a summer house and a fine grill or a match at the table tennis table.

In the beach chair, directly on the gras of our garden or on the grandfathers chair at the summers hut you will enjoy your day in our garden.

In the winter we don`t have to wait long for snowmen or small slides for the tobbogang or a bob.

We explain you the mountains of the hohen Tauern from the valleys of großarl, gastein, rauris to the big mountain großglockner.

parking lot

On our big parking lot you have the possiblity to park your car. without any long ways to go, you have the possiblity to park your car with out charge at the house. In the town of st. veit every important facility is very easy to reach by feed.

Supermarket, bakery, restaurants, tourist office, pub and bars are right in the market and are 2 - 3 minutes' walk away. Tennis courts, swimming pool, soccer field, beach volleyball court and the public Kneipp facilities; The museum and the spa gardens are approx. 10-15 minutes away.

If you like to enjoy your holidy without car, we will inform you about the public busses and trains.